SPListViewFilter 1.7

The new version of SPListViewFilter is published on CodePlex. The new type of filter is available. It's slider which enables you to select one value or range of values.

SPListViewFilter 1.7

What's new

In SPListViewFiler 1.7 implemented functional allows to select these fields: ID, Folder child count and Item child count.

Also I've fixed bug which throwed up while first configuration of webpart and other minor bugs.

What will be in 1.8

In my post about SPListViewFilter 1.6 I wrote the roadmap which can't be held by me. And one of reasons is this: for supporting SharePoint 2013 new separated version of filter will be published after release of SharePoint 2013 beta.

Now I'm working on prefiltering data in list to display a number of items that fall under parameters specified in the filter.