Change email address of an Office 365 Group

New feature lets to update the email addresses of a existing Office 365 Group.

To update SMTP addresses of an Office 365 Group which has been already created use Set-UnifiedGroup cmdlet with EmailAddresses parameter.

How to use

First of all initialize a session via PowerShell:

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

# Credentials
$creds = Get-Credential

# Session
$session = New-PSSession `
	-ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange `
	-ConnectionUri `
	-Credential $creds `
	-Authentication Basic `

Import-PSSession $session

The second step: find out the group whose email address you have to change:

Get-UnifiedGroup | Select Name, Identity

The Group is identified.


Each Office 365 Group can be associated with one or more SMTP-address. Rules to build valid value of EmailAddress parameter:

Valid syntax for this parameter is <Type>:<emailaddress1>,<Type>:<emailaddress2>,...<Type>:

The last step to change email address of a group:

Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity  GroupIdentifier -EmailAddresses {}